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Battery Maintenance & Charging Services

Your vehicle battery doesn’t have to be a source of headache and heartbreak, stranding you on the side of the road. Regular battery maintenance and charging services in or near Hayward, CA, will keep your vehicle running safely and properly, enabling it to start and run correctly.

AAMCO’s battery maintenance and charging services include a thorough inspection of connections, hardware, electrolyte level, case condition, and overall battery load. It will also include a physical exam, which means an examination of the alternator belts, voltage, current, and the brackets and connections that are holding your battery together properly. The starter will be examined as well, to help ensure that all parts of the system that starts your vehicle and gets it moving are working up to par. Our team will make a maintenance and repair diagnosis based upon their thorough inspection and the best interests of your vehicle, and we can then provide you with the repairs that you need.

Regular battery checks are very important for you and your vehicle, because there is no warning system for battery failure—and it’s the most common reason vehicles get stranded roadside. Contact AAMCO in Hayward, CA, today to learn more about scheduling one of our battery maintenance and charging services today.



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