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Air Filter Replacement Services

Is your vehicle’s engine dirty? If you haven’t had air and filtration replacement services performed on your vehicle recently, it most likely is. It’s not unusual for your air filter to get dirty. Every day that you drive, your vehicle is subjected to dust, dirt, and harmful pollens. The filter protects other components of your vehicle from being infiltrated by the debris. Over time, though, if your air filter isn’t replaced, it can’t do its job and that’s when problems can arise. The most common consequences of a dirty filter include decreased fuel efficiency, problems accelerating, and overall poor performance. Luckily, AAMCO’s air filter replacement services in Hayward, CA, can prevent this from happening.

All our air filter replacement services include the following:

  • Removal and disposal of old air filter.
  • Replacement of air filter.
  • Breather element replacement to prevent contaminants from getting into engine oil, if equipped.
  • Positive crankcase ventilation (PVC) valve replacement to improve your vehicle’s environmental impact.

It’s important that your vehicle is in optimal driving condition. Not only is a top performing car fun to drive, but it reduces your carbon footprint and improves the life of the engine. When you’re experiencing sluggish acceleration and not getting gas mileage as good as as you used to get, give your local AAMCO a call. We’ll schedule a time for you to come in to learn more about our air filter replacement services in Hayward, CA.



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